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Information Security Policy & Procedures Development

Security policies are the idea for a sound security implementation and are fundamental for the general security posture of a corporation , and supply governance and guidance. The implementation and operation of any security solution without appropriate policies, standards, and procedures may end in inaccurate and ineffective security controls, and better risks.

Based on our information security expertise, in-depth knowledge of industry practices, awareness of regulatory requirements, and knowledge of developing and reviewing security policies and procedures for several organizations, we’ve formulated a methodical process that ensures clarity, consistency, completeness and organization of the developed policies and procedures, to determine that each one business and IT control requirements are met. We follow international standard ISO 17799:2005 for developing corporate Information Security Policy.

  • Risk Management Planning
  • Assets Identification
  • Risks Identification & Assessment Techniques
  • Identification of Acceptable Level of Risks (Risks Acceptance)
  • Identification of Risks Treatment Methodology
  • Ongoing Risks Monitoring and Evaluation

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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management (BCM) may be a process that gives a framework to make sure resilience of the business to any eventuality and to make sure continuity of service to key customers and protection of the brand and organizational reputation. It provides ongoing management and governance process supported by senior management to make sure that necessary steps are taken to spot the impact of potential losses, maintain viable and timely recovery strategy, ensure continuity of products/services, and supply a basis forgetting to make sure the organization’s long-term survivability following a disruptive event.

The Business Continuity Planning provides detailed procedures to facilitate continuity of business operations while Disaster Recovery Planning provides detailed procedures to facilitate the resumption of IT capabilities at an alternate site.
We use industry standards and guidelines for Business Continuity Management like NIST and BS25999-1:2006.

NEW WORLD UNI Associates develops Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans that are clear, concise, and customized to the requirements of the organization’s business, incorporating international standards, guidelines, and frameworks. We assess the readiness and prepare organizations for unplanned events and disruptive incidents from accidents, criminal activity, and natural or man-made disasters which will have catastrophic effects.

IT Security Architecture Development

NEW WORLD UNI assists organizations by Conducting Current State Assessment (CSA) of the IT infrastructure security status and detection of key concern areas. Recommendations are provided to mitigate the safety vulnerabilities by implementing effective controls.
Security Architecture provides the framework and a conceptual information security infrastructure blueprint to enable secure communication, protect organization’s business processes and knowledge resources, and make sure that new technologies and methods for delivering services are secure and further make sure the integrity, reliability, availability, and confidentiality of important information while establishing a strong and secure computing environment.
IT governance and therefore the effective application of an IT governance framework are the responsibilities of the board of directors and executive management. IT governance is an integral a part of enterprise governance and consists of the leadership and organizational structures and processes that make sure that the organization’s IT sustains and extends the organization’s strategies and objectives.


With NEW WORLD team you’re in great hands where trusted business advisosr help you to grow your business to higher levels of Profitability and Business Value.

  • Our team consists of international certified consultants.
  • Well experienced in UK, USA, Asia and Middle East regions.
  • Specialist in Government, NGo and Development Sector.
  • We ensure Financial and Operational Excellence for clients.
  • We provide Outsourcing sevices for Book-keeping, Accounting, Finance, IT and Telecom.
  • We source HR / skilled professionals for onsite and online.
  • We speak English, Arabic, French, German & Urdu languages.
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