PMI Update: Celebrating Our Shared Successes — and the New Year!

We changed the way we look

 Our new brand is our cue to the world that PMI is keeping pace with the changing profession. Stepping out on stage in front of 3,000 Global Conference attendees in my new PMI hoodie and a pair of Converses was an iconic moment for me as it was a reflection of a new identity. Building on our 50-year heritage, we go forward bold enough to face new frontiers and humble enough to embrace diverse perspectives. We are helping both individuals and organizations around the world understand how work is changing, how they can remain relevant, and how PMI is Powering The Project Economy

Vokalia and Consonantia

Separated they live in New York

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We acquired powerful agile resources

We acquired Disciplined Agile  (DA) and then went on to buy FLEX from Net Objectives. Together, FLEX and DA will offer solutions to address organizations’ major pain points and complement our own agile certification. The result is greater relevance in the Agile space offering stronger business outcomes, faster. One of our key objectives for 2020 and beyond will be to establish our global leadership in the agile space – whilst remaining loyal to our past and the traditional project management approaches that have put our profession on the map. Notably, we now have over 1 MILLION active PMP certifications across the globe.

We expanded our leadership team to better reflect our global footprint

We have now divided the globe into eight business regions, and also have many of these regional leaders spearheading industry-specific Working Groups for greater reach and focus. These regional leaders will also represent the Chapters in their respective regions in order for us to get closer to the needs of our customers. These leaders are:

  • Association of South Eastern Nations (ASEAN) + Construction Working Group: Ben Breen, Managing Director
  • China + Telecommunications Working Group: Bob Chen, Managing Director
  • Europe: TBD
  • India + IT Systems Working Group: Srini Srinivasan, General Manager
  • Latin America: TBD
  • North America: Brantlee Underhill, Managing Director
  • Middle East/North Africa (MENA) + Energy Working Group: Grace Najjar, Managing Director
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Otema Yirenkyi, VP of Global Engagement

I sink under the weight of the splendour

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