Create Code Assignment Filter

When Projects and Activities already have codes assigned or you have had to assign codes, these codes can be used to further develop additional code assignments. This may enhance your ability to draw important information from schedules and improve productivity.

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AND – OR Multiple Criteria Filters

In this Tip, Project and Activity codes are used to create Multiple Criteria Filters. Filters enable data formats to be created for reporting, and management of data. Project and Activity Codes are combined to easily facilitate the segmentation of information.

The Purpose of this Filter is to show multiple Projects and Activities using both Project and Activity code combinations.

We demonstrated how to use Global Activity Codes assigned to multiple Projects to further develop reporting formats by adding additional codes based on filters using codes already assigned to Activities.

This provides you with the ability to quickly develop your project reporting details. We also showed how to create ‘AND OR’ Filters that incorporated Project and Activity Codes to create effective Project Reporting formats.

These techniques enhance your ability to provide decision makers with great visual information on change occurring in a schedule.

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