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Business Process Reengineering

In Business Process Reengineering (BPR) a ‘holistic’ technique is employed that combines people, process and technology to obtain breakthroughs in business performance. Typically, such assignments contains a thorough redesign of business techniques, which in turn may also require restructuring the organization, upgrading information systems, as properly as, a shift in corporate values and mindsets. A whole package is provided that consists of measurable outcomes and thorough information transfer. The emphasis is to implement efficient techniques that may result in streamlined business operations.

Our method for reassessing, realigning and reengineering business techniques is based on the equipments and strategies of Focused Quality Management (FQM). The reason – tightly focusing on fine projects produces preferred business outcomes. As a basis for our approach, we use a 3-tier Activity Matrix that serves as a guiding principle and resolution for implementing change management. This interest matrix revolves around 3 essential components – people, strategies and technology – and these are reassessed throughout a 3-tier change spectrum – refine, remodel, and reengineer. This approach facilitates assess which particular components of a business process need to change and the quantity of change required in every one of them.

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