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Information Systems Audit

NEW WORLD UNI’s Technology Risk Management practice provides Information Systems Audit services to its clients; our audit approach is predicated on an outlined audit framework referencing CobiT Framework and Audit Guidelines. Our IS Audit service provides management and business process owners with assurance and advice regarding controls within the organization; provides reasonable assurance that relevant control objectives are being met; identify where there are significant weaknesses in those controls; substantiate the danger which will be related to such weaknesses; and, finally, advise the chief management on the corrective actions that ought to be taken.
Each IS Audit assignment is scoped vigilantly by our team and is ready-made consistent with the client’s business requirements and defined audit objectives.
CobiT provides clear policies and good practices for control and security of data and related technology. The audit process applies CobiT’s recommended detailed control objectives to supply management assurance and/or advice for improvement.

  • Planning & Organization (PO)
  • Acquisition & Implementation (AI)
  • Delivery & Support (DS)
  • Monitor & Evaluate (ME)

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Information Security Audit

An information security audit may be a systematic, measurable technical assessment of how the organization’s information systems security is used throughout the organization or a selected site. An information security audit is performed through understanding the knowledge technology environment by conducting interviews, vulnerability scans, the examination of system settings, network and communication analyses, and historical data.

The objective to conduct the knowledge Security Audit is to work out the knowledge systems and knowledge technology control weaknesses, i.e. security level of the Servers, Software, Business Applications, OS & Databases, and Network & Communications; identify the weaknesses if any; make recommendations for improvements. Our Information Security Audit’s main focus is to:

  • Highlight the extent of compliance;
  • List vulnerabilities and associated risks;
  • Identify high-risk areas requiring immediate attention;
  • Recommend remedial countermeasures and enhancements, including security best practices and infrastructure;
  • Identify requirements for improving your security policies; and other required measures.
Network Security Assessment

Securing and operating today’s complex systems is challenging and demanding. regardless of how well a given system may are developed, the character of today’s complex systems with large volumes of code, complex internal interactions, interoperability with uncertain external components, unknown interdependencies including vendor cost, and schedule pressures, means exploitable flaws will always be present or surface over time.
A network security assessment is an important component of improving the safety posture of your organization. Organizations that have an organized, systematic, comprehensive, on-going, and priority-driven network security assessment program are in a far better position to form prudent investments to reinforce the safety posture of their systems.

  • The identification of existing security vulnerabilities of the organization;
  • Improved security practices or infrastructure;
  • Identification of required controls and hence minimization of risks of future security breaches;
  • Overall reduction within the costs incurred for incident response


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