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Arabic Language

Want to learn Arabic? Do you think learning Arabic is important anywhere in your personal life or professional life or do you have a zeal to learn a new language and master your grip on various languages? Then, reach NEW WORLD UNI for the most excellent Spoken Arabic classes! We have been offering the best classes from years and many students have learned quality lessons from our experts. Our ever-expanding range of lessons and modules will guide you into learning Arabic easily. Like every language which is different, Arabic also has diverse grammar and rules. Everything is different compared to many other languages. Without proper guidance and training, it may take months together to become a perfectionist in the Arabic language. 

We have 3 levels of training students in the Arabic language:

  • Beginner level
  • Intermediate level
  • Advanced level

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Beginner level

In the first few steps, we help you get trained on the most basic things, and here you will learn to introduce yourself, meet and speak with people with basic communication, make positive conversations and thank people, answer their basic questions, etc. The key features of this level include speaking and listening practice, introduction to alphabets and vocabulary, grammar, exercises, listening to audio dialogues, etc.

Intermediate level

The intermediate program will be the betterment version of the beginner level and here you will be given intense training on Arabic language. Our Spoken Arabic course in Dubai is most popular with students as many students have got trained here and are now very happy with the training. At the intermediate level, you will be given Arabic scripts as options to study, activities like voice recording are conducted, extensive practice on vocabulary is done and grammar and culture notes are given.

Advanced level

If you already know a bit of Arabic or learned a few things about the Arabic language, then you can directly go for the advanced level. In this level, you will be given Arabic scripts to practice; you will be trained on social situations, how to communicate in business situations, reading comprehension activities, and also advanced exercises in writing.

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